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I forgot to say that we want receiption to receive messages do not disturb etc. from each room also when the program bos will showing not the specific room but been also in  another menu. Maybe a signal or a text message when the alarm from the room is arriving will be good in that case. It's very important for us to have a solution and your help will be good for us

This is what I have done regarding Room Services in Tasks

Thanks again for your help! Regarding Do not Disturb, Make Up my Room e.t.c, we need when the customer is pressing the push button for example Make Up My room 101 at the same time a text or Alarm message will appears at the Reception's screen, so every time reception will  know the status and customer's needs and after receiving the Message must be answered in the specific message for example , '' Reception: Thank you, we have received your message, and we are going to serve you as soon as possible'' , or different messages depending which push button is pressed from customer. Of course after reception answered the message from customer , the alarm will deactivated. Is it possible to do something like that and in which way? Or any other suggestions or ideas?

But if I understand well I have to create 2 times the rooms one for Mykonian Mare Theme and seperate themes per room

Am I correct? Cause in User I have to place only one Theme

Under Mykonian Mare there is all areas and rooms. Except this I have to create seperate theme per room? Is it possible to copy/paste them?

So I have to create 2 times for the same room? and not like the image below?

The license is for 41 users and we have only 37 rooms plus reception , owner and me as administrator

And users must see only specific room not other rooms or areas 

Also I have created users per room and I need to connect them to each room how I am going to do that? I can't see any option in each room to set user and Password