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I messed up again with the link, i wanted to post this other video has some compression glitches in it.

Very nice Kristián Vojčík
I think webm support would be nice too. Webm's quality is much better while file size is smaller. Configurator and windows client is having problems with larger files(I got a 16mb gif to work but  yeah it not pretty when it loads late and is glitchy), although on android there is no problems when the internet is good.

Using gifs my windows bOS client is starting to give me errors, out of memory etc also configurator is having some problems.  Usually restart helps. But on android it works like a charm. for testing im using a oneplus 6 video quality is bad again but this time i filmed it on my android  not in win client so IRL it looks much better.  

How do you make sure the rooms are occupied(what devices are in use for that)?  Basically it should work if you use some movement sensor+light sensors to make sure if there is someone in the room. You could also do a visualisation where the admin activates the inputs when they give out the key? I would make a visu with two objects 1) button 1 for keycard has been given out 2) activity monitor that gives out a status when there is a movement. 
But reality is no admin is going to watch it... Would be nice to know how do you make it work. Cheapest version imo would be a simple PIR that gives out the status. But i dont think it's the best way to go though.

Just my 2 cents, but you could also use PGM's. example PGM 1 for arming, PGM 2 for armed status. If you had more outputs you could use them for alarm status, or use bell out for alarm status. 
Then you need 1 output and 2 inputs for controlling it. if you had more PGM you could use stay arming with those.
This is how I have controlled various alarm systems that don't have any API or support for integration.

As im testing many things i went a different route, i wanted to stress out my pc as much as i could so here is my memed out theme  video quality is worse than it really is.
I really like cinematic gifs, its awesome that bOS supports gifs.

Yep, when I or our technician configured the app we always changed the device name, but if customer configures the app they usually forget to change it, that's how it happened. We need to update our manual.

Thank you for the information.


I have made some svg bulb icons, the size seems to be correct now and the icon works well for one light. But if have more than one icon and I activate the first light the other icons will change color, this does not happen when i activate other lights. Can anyone tell me what am i doing wrong? 

Pic when first light is active.

Pic when other lights are active (This is how it should work) Here are the svg's i made Bulb off v2.svg
Bulb on v2.svg

Try to relink alexa with bOS, i had the same problem in the beginning, but this seems to fix it. Nice how to is here

Offtopic problem im having now, is that sometimes my lights don't respond to alexa, although they work in bOS and few minutes later they will work with alexa too, This is weird because i just tested some new switches and they worked just fine with alexa, and later when i tried to turn on the lights  with alexa it gave me a error group lights is not responding. This has happend two times now, first time i just reloaded the bOS server because im impatient. But this time it fixed itself, don't know what causes it yet.

Yeah I know what you mean, i wrote my response a little incoherently. I meant to say that it works for me with all 3 methods i tested(teamviewer, win remote desktop and with just the configurator). Have you tried to use the wan ip instead?  Although it should work on any computer if you are on the same lan.