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I missed that you had a Jigsaw, I'm not sure where you can change the port in it. On windows version its located in the Settings.txt file.

I would leave the local port as is, if you are planing to change the public port in the router anyway. So it should work if you make two port forwarding example 1) Local: 443 IP:Jigsaw 1 Public: 7443 2) Local: 443 IP: Jigsaw 2 Public: 8443

You can change the default port in bOS Server folder -> Settings.txt. 

Or you could do it from your routers port forwarding. Leave one public port to 443 and change the other to what you want.


This is how i did it the first time and it worked when i tested it but after a few days it stopped working. Maybe the problem is that i have only 1 user right now that has ~20 tablets linked to it... Will try again if i have them all setup. 


I'm having another problem with Anybus. I wanted to put the Read interval to half hour(1800000ms) but after this i noticed that the gateway started to disconnect after every 5 min.  It works fine with 250ms though, has anyone had this problem? The longer readout is clients request, because it only reads water and heating meters. I wanted to to this inside bOS so Anybus would still log meter values, I could change the read out interval in Anybus too.

Weird that the same thing happened to my home server, it was working well until yesterday when i wanted to change some names in alexa api but all settings were blank. I havent updated anything. So this bug will just appear, reloading did not help, i didnt have the time to repair or reinstall everything. Alexa still is able to control my light just thr settings are blank.

Ok, got it fixed by deleting all files and reinstalling bOS again.

Hmm Alexa works with beta just fine for me... I haven't touched a light switch since i got it. What was the problem with alexa? 

My alexa tree with the beta bOS

I've had similar problem when testing large sized gif's. Usually the pc's client is first to have problems, like it runs out of memory. But here's the weird part I noticed if I move the buttons around quickly before it crashes it works again like normal with bOS configurator. Anyways it's best to test things on a empty theme, then move the working parts on the main theme if its working as it should imo. 

Maybe offtopic because I'm currently on the latest beta and my sonos control with bOS was not working like it should after the latest sonos update... but I got it working again just by retyping in the port 1400. After this Im able to control sonos again, before it was showing me that it's connected with bOS but nothing really worked. Why did you downgrade?

Yep that was it, thank you Noel. 

Best regards.