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So on friday we changed the server.  

Now i noticed this error  "Debug : 25/03/2019 12:04:24 : Devices\ANYBUS MAJA 4 : Exception : Debug : Package error 15: Unknown error code: 255"

Any idea what is this? 

Problem is that some graphics wont update its value, even though Anybus sees the correct value. And even when i manually read and write values it wont update graphic. I have rechecked the input value linking etc, everything seems to be correct. So far affected graphics are only for water meters and for 4 apartments, electricity and heating seem to update fine. 

Edit: Turns out i was wrong. Graphics will update when i manually update them with a higher value. Its wont update for some reason when the value is same but date is different. 


This trick worked for my gateways too, so far no disconnects.

Yes we can, but as this server(Running on a NUC) is temporary right now, we don't have a monitor on it so the resolution is small.  Still waiting for the server to arrive. 

As a update we had another spike last night. For apartment 36 hot water meter.

Update: So it happened again, this time i haven't done any backups, the server has been online(no restarts) and its the only meter that did this. We also tested the water flow and the meter is not counting backwards.

Pic from the graphic db: yesterday 18.03.19 it counted backwards. 

Pic from the water meter: 

Pic from Anybus: Sees the correct value

I don't know what's causing it.

Late update: I changed the dongle, that fixed the problem with no response. 


I'm having similar problems. IP gateways go offline for ~30sec then they come back online. This all happens seemingly on random times and quantities.  Im using mainly Weinzierl 731. But on another object we used Siemens N148/22 and they are acting the same way.

Log for the 731 gateway

Log for the N148/22 

My knx timing settings are default right now. Read timeout is 3000ms and Write Telegrams per Second is 10. Should I change them to slower values? 

So far I haven't noticed any problems with this if they come back online they function just fine, but I contacted our reseller for the gateways and they said they have never had this problem before. All devices are configured to static IPs and all are behind a Mikrotik switch and router and there is no ip conflicts or networks restarts. I've also checked the ETS diagnostic's and found no errors. 

By correct credentials he means the user name and password you have setup for the user must be correct. 

When you delete the device under users, and relogin with the correct user and password it will ask you to confirm the servers certificate. Just click OK and that's it.

Update: After i setup all the users it works again, so imo the problem was with the default user account that just couldnt handle all the tablets it needed to display the panel. 


Here to report that my gmail works with no problems.

Recheck your passwords because Error : General\Messaging : The connection to the SMTP server failed or the username and/or password for the SMTP server are incorrect.

Modbus KOMFOVENT C6.bos

So I made this maybe its some use to somebody, the visu part is in Estonian, but all the values are in English(shouldnt be hard to translate). This is for the C6 but it should work as well for the C5 if you change the modbus addresses. There may be some errors that i havent tested yet, but changing the speeds(I use only 3 speeds right now, Away, Home and Guests) and getting the right values back works. 

Oh and there is another extra feature that the client needed but you may not need. The option to control the ventilation from the thermostat, so these value may be deleted form the speeds program.

Turns out they installed C6 units instead.