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You could also try to reload the bOS server. Its in the upper right corner in the configurator . But if other phones are working then it may not help. 

I just noticed that my oneplus 6 does not receive notifications either on 1 bOS install, but TTS works... And on my home bOS it again works, what version bOS are you using? The one that does not work for me is still on 4.4.4. but at home i have the latest update and this somehow works.  

Is the device connected to bOS though? As the app does not have a auto login function right now, you need to go online before it can receive push notifications. And enable Push needs to be True.


I think the fix for that is, that you need to delete the device from bOS users list and then just reconnect the device to it. Then it will get a new token. Usually this helps.


Admin can do this from configurator, by checking the user tab under logs. This shows the user who opened/closed the door. 

But i dont think logs with users can be moved to a theme like that. It would be a nice feature though. 

You also could do a event/alert log with message that would send it to the admin only. So he gets a event/alert to the bOS app when to door is triggered. Not sure how to display the user though.

Noup, not yet. My boss still needs to sign a NDA with them, they are keeping it a secret. But I found one on some forum after a long search(don't know if it's up to date though). I think the problem is with the authentication because the led on Ezlogger is not lit for the rs485 monitoring output.

I asked for a API manual too, but still no answer yet. As i've not played with APIs before I didnt get it to work either.

Well im stuck, for some reason the rs485 is not working at all, inverter and Ezlogger has some authentication option built in so if you don't auth then it will not try again after 3 tries. I'm not sure how to do it when i just want to monitor the parameters from bOS. The LED on the Goodwe controller for rs485 is not lighting up, and i think its because of the auth.

Does anyone have a example as how can i auth with modbus RTU from bOS?

Same thing for the API would be awesome too. I think it has the same problem right now although i've tried to auth with it, it gets some response data  but the Json value is empty.

"hasError": false,
"code": 100003,
"msg": "missing parameter.",
"data": null,
"components": {
"para": null,
"langVer": 19,
"timeSpan": 0,
"api": ""

I've contacted Goodwe about this but they have not responded. Haven't found a good manual for the API either.

Software version is 05.80.25. no new updates are shown. 


Model is  LG 55SJ850V and it should have the latest updates on it, again i'm not at home to check the fw version of web os. I can do it later tonight maybe.


So i see that its trying to connect. Now my TV's ip is shown with the search, and when i connected to it, tv asked for pairing i pressed yes but bOS cant connect to it.

Here is a screenshot


You could always ask the installer who installed the alarm system do make those keyswitches and pgms for you. So all you have to do is control them with bOS.
No problem.