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Yep, I added a new user. Deleted the old one, but couldn't connect, right now i gave regular users the admins login info so they can still control their stuff. Imported back the old users and deactivated it.

Hoping that Comfortclicks support gets time to look at it. 

Connecting with the admin user works fine.

Connecting with Regular users account does not stay connected. I deleted the users accounts but after adding it back nothing changes.

bOS server version is the latest stable.


If I make a new user, I cant connect to it. I made kaamos test user. It does not show my device under it, connecting to it does not work. Only the admins user account works. Changing the privilege on the regular user account does nothing. Changing the login name or password does nothing. 

Stefan, did you do anything else do get it working? Following your steps does not work for my setup.


I have same problem right now. My phone connects correctly to bOS but clients phone keeps login out and in. I deleted the user, reloaded config but still the same error.

This can be marked as done, auto login works well and sound problems have been fixed. Thank you!

On the website its marked as coming soon, so we have to wait a little longer.

Somfy WT has dedicated up/down wires that you can then control with relays(KNX, Z-Wave). RTS is for wireless remotes etc. I would recommend WT.


Thank you for the auto login option. The app will now login correctly, but something happened with the apps sound. 

It shows push up notification and TTS works fine but does not play sounds. 

Thank you again, this works even better!

Thank you Fabien!

It works now. I was also missing a 0 in front of the month and day value, bOS wont let me change the date format to YYYYMMDD. Now its updating, but i dont know how to make it work when the month changes to  10,11 and 12. 

I think i should make them separately and then somehow collect the correct values to one output for visualisation. 

Hmm now its shown for me again in bOS, must have been some temporary bug.