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Yup i have the same bug with the beta version.

I can say the same for LG smart TV's. I wanted to display bOS on its browser and it kept refreshing the webpage after that it would log you out and it wouldn't save the login info, so every-time it refreshed you needed to login again and again. Finally we made it so it gets the info from the hdmi directly from the server.

Somewhere in the Doorbirds manual it said too that there is no sound yet for the HTML5 as its not secure yet or smth. So even if you get it working its just a video feed with a option to open the door.

Maybe it is possible if the TV's web browser supports html5

I think you need to look at the smart TV's app store to see if it supports it. i doubt it though. Comfortclick cant help You with that.

Start address 0 is for the first relay. 1 is for 2nd, 2 for 3rd and so on. <-- this is marked in bOS as Address

Now for debugging can you make sure you are connected to the board - check the modbus Value tab - if its connected

Try to switch the boolean's value - it shows you true or false values but they basically mean 1=true 0=false

And by selecting modbus table Coil it means  (write Single Coil 0x05) so no you dont need to add it anywhere else.

First add a modbus driver, connection is RTU with a baudrate of 9600 everything else leave as default.

Then add a boolean device, fill out the slave address and register aadress.

Test if it works. You need to make 4 of them for each relay.

Client needs to talk to the ISP and order a static wan address.

Or they/you can use some dynamic ddns service like Noip that then needs to run on the server and updates the dynamic ip for ddns.


What devices are you using that don't allow You to port forward ports except 80? First time im hearing this. For the outside connection you don't leave the ports as default and it should work.

Lan side 443, Wan side 65443 and so on.



Thank You! This works as it should. I was thinking about using gate too but then i had some brain-fart and i thought it wouldn't work.

Thanks again.



Looks like we are in a same boat. I'm right now exporting my meter values with a program that collects the values and scheduler sends them out at every month.

I'll paste a pic as how im doing it right now. Maybe this is good enough for you. Basically you should be able to log the values and send them out as is.

I'm waiting for automatic file export that i could program myself similarly as im doing it now.

Output will be something like this:

Water and heating readings as of '2/11/2019 3:46:00 PM'

ID Serial Meter Value Unit

Apartment16 5667313 Electricity T1 8 kWh
Apartment16 5667313 Electricity T2 123.904 KWh
Apartment16 18388497 Warm water 0.056 m3
Apartment16 18388094 Cold water 0.186 m3
Apartment16 67277620 Heating 3,217 MWh