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You could use program to switch both group addresses. And control it with one bOS boolean switch.


Reporting that same thing happened again, but this time both our User account were not able to login(Both User accounts were set as administrators this time), log shows user logging in after every 6 seconds(stays looping). Last time only one account had problems logging in. Deleting and readding the user accounts as new user and copying back the devices fixed it again.


I noticed that the reconnecting thing is back for one of my building that is running bOS 4.4.4, But with Falcon driver. 

Disconnects for 10sec and reconnects. Strangely 2 smaller buildings that are setup as KNXIP dont do these reconnects, and 1 bigger building that is setup as KNXIpTunneling does not do this.

Log show that this has been going on like this for two months. Not sure what has changed. 

Edit: I was wrong about the bigger building not doing this, I looked again at the logs and it does the same reconnects but not everyday. It did disconnect/reconnect 7 times on 11.10.19 last friday after that there has been no disconnects.

Also check if other port forwardings are working, sometimes ISP turns forwarding off, and you will need to call them to activate it.


So it was ok for few days, then i did a restart and it came back. I see that its pulsating goes high up to 40% and low down to 1%. Otherwise everything is responding fine and there are no errors in the log.

And i think i found the problem. I had the LG's TV driver enabled, and it still has some problem with the MAC address it gets automatically(even if i insert the MAC manually it still cant connect to the TV and there was no change in the cpu usage), after disabling  it the cpu usage went back to normal. 
So if anybody has same thing happening better recheck if there is no broken devices enabled.

So on the weekend I first did a repair, that didint help ~6hours and the cpu went nuts again. After that i did a uninstall&reinstall

and so far everything is ok. Dont know what may have caused it.

I changed out the old server that got really slow with the high cpu usage, new one is working ok so far for about 6h now.

My home server had high CPU usage again in the morning, I restarted the service and it went back to normal. Will check tonight again if the problem returns. So far it looks like it takes about 6-8 hours until the problem returns. And my home server wont go slow with the high cpu usage, visualization is working like it should, just the servers fans go crazy when it happens.
Anyways i will keep my eye on it. Maybe i need to reinstall bOS server if it happens again.

Exactly - Administrator account worked fine for me yesterday, But the account with Users privileges stayed in a loop. After i deleted the users account and readded(as a admin) it and connected to it(With success) my administrators account would loop. So i had to delete that too and readd it. 

When i Deleted the users account and imported it back from the backup(with users privileges) it would loop again.

All users use the same Theme


So I got it working at first it seems, with administrator privileges. Its still a annoying bug, because i had made at least 3 logics/programs for each users device, for login users activities like who opened a door etc.  i had to manually import them back one by one.

AND then my other original administrators account wouldn't work! So i had to delete this too.

Right now i can login with both accounts.

Yep, I added a new user. Deleted the old one, but couldn't connect, right now i gave regular users the admins login info so they can still control their stuff. Imported back the old users and deactivated it.

Hoping that Comfortclicks support gets time to look at it.