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Try removing the skill and re-adding it. And recheck if they are still on a same network. I had similar problem when i changed my router. Here is a good how to

I've been using 3CX. So far its ok, their sip app isn't that good though, because no option for video feed yet.
So in tablets i've been using the old 2N app with another app that restarts it and reopens it once every day. In mobiles ive been suggesting GS wave if the client is ok with it. For older people it's maybe too complicated.

They have removed it from the play store. I really hope they will integrate it inside the main app/bOS configurator now. So there is no need for a separate app. Also make it more reliable. 

As i've tested the old app it really didn't work well for me.  The best SIP phone app is still Grandstream Wave in my mind( sec. best was the old 2n app that was removed too, it works with some mishaps and has a 4 lock door button).  It's the only app that stay's online even after network change. GS wave's only problem it has is that it does not have a separate button for opening the door(They have their own GDS unit that has that function) you will need to input the DTFM code from the keypad.

Integrated door phone/sip support is a must in any home automation system imo. So i really really hope they will fix it now.


You need to use Value Type Value1Ucount, by default it will change it to Scaling if you import the group addresses, otherwise it will scale the values it gets from KNX.

Any updates/info when this will be implemented? I made a doorbell for a tablets but this does not work well until the auto login is functional. I've tried to everything i could think of, but havent found a good way to keep bOS alive. bOS logs out even when you use a different app in the tablet (example 2N for fono) sometimes. 

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I sent a email with the config and access info.

i forgot to add info about the last spikes i noticed:

Anybus maja 1:

Krt 10 Soe

Krt 11 Soe

Anybus maja 2

Krt 16 Soe

Anybus maja 3:

Krt 32 Küte

Krt 35 Elekter both night and day

Krt 37 elekter both night and day

Krt 38 Elekter night

Anybus maja 4:

Krt 44 Soe

Krt 46 Küte

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Same spikes happens for fibaro plug at my home server, otherwise it updates the values correctly and you can't see the spikes in the graphics log nor in the months view, but if you select days view you can see them.

Example month view looks fine

Days view

Here is the log itself and it looks correct to me, no spikes in the numbers, but the graph still has them.Analog Log.db

Edit: only difference i see is that with the fibaro plug i cant see the spikes in hour view, but with anybus/mbus meters i can see the spikes in log and with hour view.

Yep I have the raw log active in anybus, also I have sent these log to anybus support so they can check them, they told me that the logs look ok. 
Here are the raw logs for building 3 for 3.04.19 and 4.04.19 on that day there were most spikes. example 03.04.19 4:11:52 address 24 and 14 on slave 13

I personally don't know how to convert this raw log for humans to read.

So hey its me again and sadly it happened again.

It happened to ~10 meters most of the spikes happened on 3.04.19

I did fix all the graphics on 2.03.19 so day after the fix they returned... The server has been online all this time, no restart no backups after 2.03.19. 

Apartment 37 t2

Apartment 37 t1

Same apartment but the value spike is on 5:31 and 1:46. Returns to normal.

Some more examples 

Apartment 10 hot w

Apartment 32 heating

Apartment 38 el.night

I will leave the DB's as is right now. And will check next week if there's any new spikes.

So far there have been no new spikes in graphics, I corrected some more errors I have made in my config for water meters too. And when i did a backup all seemed fine after it. Haven't tested server restart or reload yet.

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