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This must be a bug on your side, I tried it with teamviewer and windows remote desktop, both worked for me. Also i can see the parameter just fine with bOS configurator. Maybe try reloading the bOS server. There should be no restrictions.

Increasing the read interval does not make it any better, I will try to change the dongle then. Weird for me is that it only  has problems with 3 values, state, fan speed and away temp target, all the other request get the values just fine. 

Im not sure if the interference can come from a cable that has internet, mbus and modbus all in one cable, because we had a shorted cable and no way to replace it so we had to send all signal with one cable to our server. If that is the problem then changing the dongle wont help us... I hope its not so.

Thanks for the info.

For now I made it so it send's out a email with the meter values each month, then it's easier to export to what ever format you want... And i found a small bug or feature. When I first time saved my list with all my formatter to insert the meter values, it saved over my %x formater with the meter real values. So i had to do it all over.

Im no expert but, i think that is because your screen useable space is not your full screen size, try playing with the Column Width Heigth Ratio. This is what i use when the screen is too small. For smaller screen i use 0.6(mobile) and for bigger screens 0.8(tablets).


i actually got my camera(I have a zipato cam) to work on Lan now. Settings for lan: 

Settings for wan: 

Last time i tested this i coulnt get it to work on lan for some reason. Must have been my mistake on some settings. 

I think the %u and %p is missing in your settings. Try to add them and see if this helps. 

If They changed the router, did you make port forwarding for the camera? I had similar problems with my cameras on lan, so i made it so that the camera connects to the wan ip instead, not lan. Works fine so far. I have no idea why i couldnt get it to work on lan...


I have never used this mobotix intercom.
But i've used 2N, first of all you could try the bOS phone app and set it up for the intercom, see how it works for you, but for me it's not that stable right now. So I've just made a shortcut in bOS for the 2N original app and continued to use it for intercom(must have 2N and bOS apps running all the time, bOS is the main app). This works good in android but not that good on apple phones. 

Im sorry, i just noticed it has been fixed in the new update. All good now.
Update: Hmm I could delete my not used double values, but on another server, where i did panel linking, it still shows its in use, when in reality it's not. So i can't delete it without getting error. bOS version 4.4.4


I've found same problem, now what i did was: i added some panels for testing. Linked it with my visualisation and then deleted them, but under the panel it still shows its used, when in reality its not. 
Same thing happened with Double value that i linked with my visu and then deleted it from it, but it shows its still in use, so i cant delete it, without getting a error. I checked every button I changed for references, there's no links to the panel/double values.
bOS verison 4.4.2


I'm the having same problem with 2N Helios Ip mobile iOS app The link to app store.

Shortcut (start program) works great on android, but none of the links i tried worked for iOS. 
I contacted 2N support to get the correct launch link, but they don't seam to know it. They sent me a support link for the iOS app FAQ but there's nothing about the launch link.
So far i've tried 

1)2n-helios-ip-mobile/id795006749?mt=8:// 2) 2n-helios-ip-mobile:// 3) cz.nn.helios_mobile:// and id795006749?mt=8:// and also the full link into app store. None of these opens the app.
On android the link works with cz.nn.helios_mobile

Does anyone know the correct launch code/link for 2N Helios IP mobile?