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I've noticed that when you have connected with a administrators account and then change back to regular user, it ask for it sometimes or tells you the password may be incorrect at the first login attempt, second login works with no password changes. This has been happening on 4.4.4 too, and i think its because bOS does not copy the device to the users account when its already under admins. 
Have you tried to delete the device and then reconnect it?

Strangely none of my current projects are affected with it right now. I tested both versions 4.6.20 and 4.4.4

Just did a new test, closed the app and reopened it, checked different buildings. All logged me in without any errors. Have you tried a different device too?  Or have you looked at the devices token's do they dissapear when you log out the device? You could also try reloading the server from the configurator, see if that helps.

Reporting in that this does not happen to my projects. Maybe somebody is deleting your device from the users menu?

Well ok, it just seemed to me that it wouldn't want to poll other registers, so far its ok, i will keep my eye on it though. 

It also may be just .actualvolume because you already are sending /volume with the first part of the command. Have you tested it on a web browser, does it change the volume when you paste the command in there?

Try to add a . in front of the command see if it helps like ".volume.actualvolume" Also good sites to check if your command works are or

If you know the modbus registers then it should work with bOS with no problems. If you dont know the register you could use a RMMS modbus master simulator to figure them out.

Add modbus driver under the devices in bOS, then choose the correct COM port and start adding the registers for the relays.


I actually got it working with RTU. Basically the template works just fine, all you have to do is add 400 or 40 before every register nr(I thought i tested this first but turns out i didn't... doh). I will need to recheck if all the values are correct but at least i now get some responses. AC side looks fine but on the DC side it wont report Voltages or current, this may be because we have more than one inverter and i dont know how many MPPT's they have there, and the manual says that: DC current/voltage only if one MPPT available; with multiple
MPPT “not implemented”

Don't give the customer admin user rights, make a regular user account so he wouldn't be able to change configurations, at least when you are still setting things up. I don't think there is another way, but i may be wrong.

Yep, same here. I still have a generic cam that does not show up as Onvif supported cam though it has Onvif active. But for me it isn't a big deal because it still works without it. I thought it was cameras old firmwares fault.