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It should be fixed now, at least i could link it again.


You can separate them with commas, without the space between them(, Should work. 

How are these buttons made. Do you control the setpoint directly or do you have some program made that updates its value from bacnet.

Another idea is what if the ahu unit wont let you set the setpoint to 18c as 13c is the max allowed value?


Have you set the read type on BACnet nodes to SubscribeCOV? Maybe that's why they don't update?

Enter the PC's IP, then Mac with colons between them xx:xx:xx:xx:xx and finally select that PC from your user list.

Edit: also make sure the windows client is running on the PC you want to put to sleep 

I activated WOL in Bios and also from network adapter, sleep works but it does not wake it up from bOS after it goes to sleep. 

If is send wake up command from my other PC then it wakes up.


For me the shutdown and sleep functions works, but wake on lan does not work. Mac and ip is correct. 

I would make 1 program that turns them on/off Trigger will be from that ABB lux meter. Then i would make a program for every dim value that you/client needs 1) 8-10 70% 2) 10-12 40% 3) from 12 20%. Trigger value will be time - if time equals 8 etc, set value 70% and so on.

The top bar is android own color, you need to change android theme to dark mode, or you can use Full screen option in the bOS app settings, that will hide the top bar.
The bottom bar is as it is, there is no option to change the font size for them as far as i know. You need to limit the text length there so it wont get hidden. 

Edit: I misread that you want them to change on Android not on iOS, i don't even know if iOS has a dark theme option, so full screen is maybe your only solution.


Im also testing the new beta 4.7.24, but my 3 buildings that are running on it right now have not reconnected.

Try to install it again from a backup - or do a clean install to bOS server and then restore from old backup.

I must say 4.7.24 for my projects feels a lot faster. With older betas i had out of memory errors and config would crash or use too much CPU while I was working on it.