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Looks like we are in a same boat. I'm right now exporting my meter values with a program that collects the values and scheduler sends them out at every month.

I'll paste a pic as how im doing it right now. Maybe this is good enough for you. Basically you should be able to log the values and send them out as is.

I'm waiting for automatic file export that i could program myself similarly as im doing it now.

Output will be something like this:

Water and heating readings as of '2/11/2019 3:46:00 PM'

ID Serial Meter Value Unit

Apartment16 5667313 Electricity T1 8 kWh
Apartment16 5667313 Electricity T2 123.904 KWh
Apartment16 18388497 Warm water 0.056 m3
Apartment16 18388094 Cold water 0.186 m3
Apartment16 67277620 Heating 3,217 MWh


Bump up... I get a lot of request for this feature. People are too lazy to copy-paste meter values even if it easy to use the text to columns option in excel, they just dont want to use it and are asking us to do it for them...

Side note: I have two more building that are running fine on bOS 4.6.26 version, Both buildings have 16 apartments. Only heating control with KNX and ventilation control with Modbus. And water, heating and electricity meters witch values are collected and logged by bOS thru mbus to modbus gateway. 

And as Comfortclicks support told me today it seems that ive hit a bOS server limit with my projects(so it got that out of memory error). They are working on a fix. Smaller projects should work OK with 4.6.26.

Hey, im not saying it was auto updated, it was updated just without my knowledge. Our intern was changing some color i think thats how it happened. Nobody is saying who it was and i was unable to get the ip who did it. 

About the recovery - full restore does not work, no matter how old the backup is. I was able to recover the project two times manually node by node importing them back, but the config still "crashed" and when it comes back up its an empty just like new install. I've made pictures and reports to comfortclick and ive opened a ticket. Comfortclick is working on a fix for my issues. As this config crashing is happening on two different buildings.

yes you need to have triggers. Otherwise it wont know when to switch.

Something like this should work. In your case other way around.

But if you use it as 1'st of every month then it  will update the values at 29/30/31 at 00:00.

Example: Ive made a scheduler that will start the program what then will send out the meters values.

bOS calculates its time like so: time trigger 0:0 for 1 day of month means the start of the day not the end... For you it will send out the values at the end of the last day of the month. at least so far it has worked like that.


I've noticed that when you have connected with a administrators account and then change back to regular user, it ask for it sometimes or tells you the password may be incorrect at the first login attempt, second login works with no password changes. This has been happening on 4.4.4 too, and i think its because bOS does not copy the device to the users account when its already under admins. 
Have you tried to delete the device and then reconnect it?

Strangely none of my current projects are affected with it right now. I tested both versions 4.6.20 and 4.4.4

Just did a new test, closed the app and reopened it, checked different buildings. All logged me in without any errors. Have you tried a different device too?  Or have you looked at the devices token's do they dissapear when you log out the device? You could also try reloading the server from the configurator, see if that helps.

Reporting in that this does not happen to my projects. Maybe somebody is deleting your device from the users menu?