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Please follow up on this as soon as possible.

I have a configuration with almost 50 scenes, which has stopped reporting the scene state as true when the sceene is activated. The true state for the scene is used to trigger scripts which will set status on scene swiches around the house, etc.
At the moment, my house is not working  due to the upgrade. 

Removing the hue configuration from the scenes, makes the scene work as expected...

This seems almost like my previous attempt to upgrade 8 months ago, then it was the z-wave devices which stopped working. Do I need to downgrade again?
Plase start testing releases better to avoid situations like this one. 

It is really hard to understand how to utilise functionality without proper documentation, and especially with functionality that does not work properly! 

Sorry, I have tried to re-add it,  remove/reset etc. with no different result. I have noticed the same problem with some of my Fibaro devices, and as you said these normally get everything right if you retry adding them a few times.

However I am not able to make this work for the Zipato Remote...

Thank you! I discovered your comment after hours of testing and configuration checks!


Please update the documentation!

I have the same problem. When I define an endpoint for Alexa the settings tab is empty (no parameters to set)Alexa problem.jpg