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Apple iOS Homekit integration

Paul G 10 months ago in bOS Client updated by ComfortClick Support 1 month ago 4

Hi, Is there any plans to allow integration with Apple HomeKit? It would allow facilitating lots of data that comes from phones without the need for coding (e.g. geofencing, geolocation which is made available through the Home Kit app to other apps, this woudl eb as simple as allowing the app to read the GPS data from the phone, which is not available right now)

Under review


Apple HomeKit is planned to be released in bOS, the development is well underway, but there's no ETA on the release date yet.

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Is there already an ETA on the release date?


unfortunately HomeKit is still under development, due to some changes in our development plan we needed to postpone HomeKit release. We still do not have ETA on the release date. We will keep you posted when there will be any news.

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Great to hear that, would be good to know when that might happen. You would avoid people buying expensive devices like Thinka which you would offer such functionality straight out of the box. In other words a gateway between KNX and HomeKit and the relevant-similar Google Home..ect.