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Giordano Olmi 4 years ago in General updated by ComfortClick Support 1 year ago 3

Is it possible reset password for server?

I have insert password for error in the server ComfortClick.
I have necessary the reset password
Is it possible?

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passwords can be reset, but this will cause you to lose your configuration, because the building file must be removed. If you forgot your password, you can send us your building folder (found in your comfortclick installation location, default location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ComfortClick\bOS Server) and we will check and retrieve the lost password. You can send the building file to david.boben@comfortclick.com

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I think, I forgot my password :-(

Can I send this folder to tihs email or is there any way to reset my psw ?

Thanks Jozsef


you can send the building folder to the mentioned email and we'll try to retrieve your password.

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